Encounters: An International Journal for the Study of Culture and Society promotes and publishes scholarship from the humanities and the social sciences, and their intersections on topics related to the encounters of cultures, intellectual traditions, and social and political systems across space and time. The journal seeks a critical understanding of the transcultural and transnational factors that shape such encounters --and by extension, the world as we know it. The editors encourage contributions that explicitly link the humanities and the social sciences and engage their different methodologies. Regular special volumes will offer stimulating, focused engagement with specific historical, political, cultural, social or theoretical questions. Encounters will be peer-reviewed and published biannually. ISSN 2075-048X. Distribution by I.B. Tauris


Rafael Reyes-Ruiz, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE

Editorial Committee

Alejandro Castillejo-Cuellar, (co-founder), Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Jyoti Grewal, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE
Jeff Belnap, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Habibul Khondker, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Anke Reichenbach, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE
George Yúdice, University of Miami, USA
Shoma Munshi, American University of Kuwait, Kuwait
Abdelmajid Hannoum, University of Kansas, USA
Martin Roberts, Eugene Lang College, The New School, USA
Derik Smith, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

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Encounters: 1
Engaging Otherness. Edited by Rafael Reyes-Ruiz

Encounters: 2
21st Century Globalization: Perspectives from the Gulf. Edited by Jan Nederveen Pieterse and Habibul Haque Khondker

Encounters: 3

East Asian Transnational Migrants and Culture in a Global World. Edited By Nobuko Adachi

Encounters: 4
Religious Networks in Asia and Beyond. Edited By Peter van der Veer

Advisory Board


Arjun Appadurai, New York University, USA
Peter van der Veer, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Lila Abu-Lughod, Columbia University, USA
Steve Caton, Harvard University, USA
Nadje Al-Ali, SOAS, UK
Mette Hjort, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Nicholas Dirks, Columbia University, USA
Jan Nederveen Pieterse, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
Goran Therborn, Cambridge University, UK
Kirsten Scheid, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Pao-i Hwang, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Maria Rosa Menocal, Yale University, USA
Noriko Hataya, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan
Maria Mercedes Gomez, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Leo Ching, Duke University, USA
Kenneth Christie, Royal Roads University, Canada
Ute Fendler, University of Bayreuth, Germany
Jiwon Ahn, Keene State College, USA
Sawsan Karimi, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
Aihwa Ong, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Roxanne Euben, Wellesley College, USA
Mary Layoun, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Liisa Malkki, Stanford University, USA
Laura Hostetler, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Dale Eickelman, Dartmouth College, USA