Call for papers

Guest editor Susanne Kranz invites papers that examine the role of women’s movements and their association with the state and other power structures. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches that deal with issues of equality, gendered state-building, state violence, citizenship, challenges to state power, progress/failures of women’s movements, and other similarly related topics.

- How do women’s movements deal with the state? How do they negotiate, challenge and/or reinforce state structures and agendas?

- How have relationship between women’s movements and the state and other power structures changed over time?

- What impact do women’s movements have on state building? How do women mobilize within and outside existing state structures?

- Are women’s movements disappearing, or are women’s issues simply replaced or coopted by other interest groups? Do we still need women’s movements today?

Please submit your paper (6,000 to 10,000 words) in MS Word format to by April 15, 2016. Submissions should include a cover letter describing the work in approximately one hundred words.

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